Stamp albums now available for all countries!

7 Feb 2022

Stamp albums now available for all countries! Yes, you saw right! This may seem a little bit out of topic, and has nothing to do with cymbals, but as a life-long collector of coins and stamps, among other things, i have now added stamp album pages to the shop. Stamp album pages from virtually ALL [...]

Process against Tonum Cymbals and Anton Minchuk escalates

12 Nov 2021

The legal process against fraudulent company Tonum Cymbals and their manager Anton Minchuk is escalating (see the post and newsletter from August 13th). Both have been reported to he Police, who is taking this very seriously, and Tonum and Anton Minchuk are both facing a law suit from us, as well as from many others, [...]

All business with Tonum Cymbals is terminated perpetually!

13 Aug 2021

All business with Turkish / Ukrainan based Tonum Cymbals has been TERMINATED by us INSTANTLY and PERPETUALLY!! NEVER AGAIN!!A BIG WARNING is hereby also issued to all possibly interested of this scum of a "brand": Tonum Cymbals looks and appears to be a "real" company producing and selling cymbals. The fact sems to be that [...]

New cymbal brand again at Kim´s Music!

5 Mar 2021

A new cymbal brand again at Kim´s Music! What unites Steven Adler (Guns´N Roses), Veronica Bellino (Life of Agony, DMC), Ron Allen (Somo, Eve), Nick Smith (Snoop Dogg) and Nick Menza (Megadeth) with Jerohn Garnett (Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Gerald Albright), Chris Moore (Ultraphonix), Alex Hertler (Adam and the Metal Hawk) and thousands of other [...]

Lowered prices on many brands during February!

18 Feb 2021

Many prices are lowered at Kim´s Music during February!The US Dollar has risen against the Euro, resulting in making the prices going up somewhat. But instead of correcting the prices upwards, we lower them during February, making this month a wonderful opportunity to grab the cymbal you have been looking at!Two new cymbal brands will [...]

Quan Bottoms Signature line now available!

20 Jan 2021

Quan Bottoms Signature Cymbals now available! Tonum Cymbals have together with Quan Bottoms developed a signature line of cymbals that is now available! Kim´s Music is so far the only place to get them! Check them out here: You can design your own signature cymbals with Tonum! "As we develop our model line and add [...]

Pergamon Cymbals now available and 25% off of Anatolian Cymbals

8 Jan 2021

-- HAPPY NEW YEAR !! -- 2020 was a disaster for all musicians, artists, performers and many others. Most gigs came to a complete stop, and many are out of work. Let´s hope that 2021 brings on a solution to the effects of the pandemia and will be a better year in all aspects! This, [...]

End of year SALE and New cymbal brand!

30 Dec 2020

End of year SALE! 2020 is ending with a bang, and the sale at Kim´s Music is ending with a crash! Many huge discounts on cymbals until Jan 1st. *** FREE Splash with cymbals sets! *** *** One size larger cymbals for FREE! *** *** Buy 3 cymbals and get 1 for FREE! *** *** [...]


24 Nov 2020

BLACK FRIDAY is here with huge savings on all cymbals from Kim´s Music !!There will be new offers several times a day so be sure to check back often!Offers valid November 25th-29th only!Keep a lookout on our Instagram page #kimuscymbals where some (not all) of the great offers will be announced. Some offers will [...]

New cymbal brand at Kim´s Music!

29 Oct 2020

SILKEN CYMBALS from Wuhan, China is now available from Kim´s Music! China is often regarded as the first country where cymbals were manufactured, dating back thousands of years ago.WUHAN, CHINA has established itself as a capital well known for producing high quality cymbals and gongs since the 1700’s. Boutique cymbals are most often associated with [...]

Koide Cymbals in Modern Drummer Magazine podcast

4 Oct 2020

The Modern Drummer Magazine podcast Episode 1 (2nd of October 2020) features Koide Cymbals! In the Shop Talk section of the show, MD´s managing editor Mike Dawson interviews Burke Daugherty, the official US distributor of Japanese boutique cymbals company Koide to get some insight into what makes the company´s offerings special and unique. The [...]

Anatolian Cymbals has joined our fleet at Kim´s Music!

14 Sep 2020

Anatolian Cymbals "The World´s Finest Cymbals" has joined the family at Kim´s Music! KiMus is now the sole distributor for Anatolian Cymbals in Finland, Netherlands and Belgium. Anatolian Cymbals was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1999 by Baris Tamdeger. The Tamdeger family is famous for making quality cymbals such as Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals. Today Anatolian [...]

Lowered prices (again!) on all Tonum Cymbals!

11 Sep 2020

Kim´s Music has now lowered all prices on Tonum Cymbals! This means that the prices are now lower than if you would buy straight from the Tonum factory in Turkey! New models are coming out, and there are some very exciting FX crashes and chinas available very soon: Fast crash/china, Rotor crash/china, Web crash/china, [...]

New cymbal brand joining our fleet at Kim´s Music!

27 Aug 2020

Another large international cymbal brand from Turkey manufacturing hand-made cymbals from B20 bronze will be joining Kim´s Music at Stay tuned and check out the many series and very affordable prices! Several hundred videos of most every model and size will soon be available in the shop and on the Cymbals page. Discussions are [...]

New series from Nugis Cymbals and Turco Cymbals

27 Jul 2020

3 NEW SERIES from Nugis Cymbals are now out: Kup Dark, Mars and Orleans, alongside with the Traditional and Personal Series! Ivan Nugis in Siberia is not only custom building cymbals to Your specific needs, but now also produces several series for a broader market.Contact me with Your specs and Ivan will get back to [...]

Modern Drummer Magazine review of Koide Cymbals!

11 Jul 2020

Modern Drummer Magazine has made a review of two of Koide Cymbals´ lines in the August issue. A review of two more Koide lines will soon follow.Some more of Koide´s 703´s and 10-J´s have just arrived in the Shop. Check them out and hurry up to get some of the very first specimens in Europe!Tonum [...]

SALE! Lower prices and new models!

30 Jun 2020

LOWERED PRICES on all Tonum Cymbals are now in effect! At least 20% lower prices or more at the moment – how long will it last? When buying a pre-configured set the savings are even greater, and you get a high quality cymbal bag for only 30€ when you buy a set! Several new set [...]

Lower prices and new series!

15 Jun 2020

We are lowering the prices on many of the models! Especially Tonum Cymbals come at great low prices right now!New hand-made Nugis cymbals have arrived and will be added to the shop. More Koide cymbals are on their way from Japan. Now also the great 100% hand-made 703 series will be available for the first [...]

4 new cymbal series added to the shop!

18 May 2020

Turco Cymbals have added 4 new series to their line. All of these are now available in the shop! Videos and more info to be added soon. The new Impressive series, Berlin series, Jazz Attack series and Rio Jazz series can now be ordered from Kim´s Music, along with the other Turco Cymbals´ series: Pasific, [...]

New videos posted

11 May 2020

Great things are afoot at Kim´s Music!A lot of new videos and sound clips of the cymbals have been added to Now You can see and hear how Your cymbal looks and sounds so You know what You get!A set of Turco Neuwied cymbals arrived in the shop yesterday. Get them now for a [...]

New well-known cymbal brand at Kim´s Music: Masterwork Cymbals!

20 Apr 2020

A major and well-known cymbal brand has been added to our fleet: Masterwork Cymbals! These hand made Turkish cymbals are well-known around the world for their superb quality, their many different series, and their unique sound. Everyone can find their own personal sound and look with Masterwork. For most drummers and percussionists, Masterwork Cymbals need [...]

Newsletter #1 from Kim´s Music!

6 Apr 2020

Hi everyone! This is the very first Newsletter from Kim´s Music! Welcome all visitors and Thank You for suscribing! This first newsletter is to inform that the webshop is now open, and has some new cymbal brands, available in Europe for the very first time! Please check them out and read more at! Click [...]

Nugis Cymbals from Siberia soon available!

26 Mar 2020

Nugis Cymbals All the way from Siberia in Russia! Soon for the first time available in Europe! Nugis Cymbals has been producing cymbals since 2018 in the small city of Yugorsk in Siberia, Russia. This young brand with ambitions and a thirst for creativity is run by cymbal smith Ivan Nugis, who produces the cymbals completely by [...]

The new Koide Cymbals have arrived!

16 Mar 2020

Now they are here! In the webshop are now the very first Koide Cymbals in Europe. These are expected to go fast, so if you want one, be quick! These very specimens are the first of their kind in Europe! Who will be the first one ever to add for example an Absolute Medium 20" [...]

Koide Cymbals on their way!

10 Mar 2020

Great news!The very first batch of Koide Cymbals have been sent from Japan and will arrive soon!Be one of the very first to own an unique cymbal and have a sound that no-one else has! First out will be Absolute Series and Brilliant Series.Act fast to secure Europe´s very first specimens for yourself before someone [...]

The web shop is now open!

27 Feb 2020

Exciting times! The exclusive and unique PGB Artisan Cymbals are available for the very first time in Europe, and this is the only place you can get them!The web site is still under construction, and especially the web shop will grow with more products, so be sure to check back regularly!Many of the products are [...]


21 Feb 2020

This Koide Cymbals Europe website is under construction and will be ready to launch very soon! På svenska nedan!Suomeksi alla!Exciting times! The exclusive and unique Koide Cymbals, Byrne Cymbals and Artisan Cymbals are available for the very first time in Europe from this site and from this site only! Here you will also find other [...]


The web shop is now open!
Exciting times! The exclusive and unique PGB Artisan Cymbals are now available for the very first time in Europe, and this is the only place you can get them!

Also Ray Byrne´s free Cymbal app is added. Check it out here!

The web site is still under construction, and especially the web shop will grow with more products, so be sure to check back regularly!

Many of the products are completely unique, i.e. there is only ONE available in the whole world!
Please subscribe to our Newsletter to make sure not to miss any news or special offers.

Hope to see You soon!

Kim - Only European Dealer for PGB Artisan Cymbals, Koide Cymbals and Byrne Cymbals

På svenska nedan!

Suomeksi alla!

Nätbutiken är nu öppen!
Spännande tider! De exklusiva och unika PGB Artisan Cymbals är nu tillgängliga för allra första gången i Europa och säljs endast här!

Även Ray Byrne´s Cymbal app finns nu gratis på sidan. Kolla in den här!

Hemsidan är ännu under konstruktion, så speciellt nätbutiken kommer att växa med mer produkter, så titta in ofta! Många av produkterna är helt unika, dvs existerar i endast ETT exemplar i hela världen!

Prenumerera gärna på vårt Nyhetsbrev så missar du inga nyheter eller specialerbjudanden.

Hoppas vi ses snart!

Kim - Europa-distributör för PGB Artisan Cymbals, Koide Cymbals och Byrne Cymbals

Nettikauppa on nyt auki!
Jännittäviä aikoja! Eksklusiiviset ja ainutlaatuiset PGB Artisan Cymbals ovat nyt saatavilla ensimmäistä kertaa Euroopassa ja niitä saa vain ja ainoastaan täältä!

Myös Ray Byrne´n Cymbal app löytyy meiltä. Se on ilmainen ja löytyy täältä!

Kotisivut rakennetaan parhaillaan, joten erityisesti nettikauppa kasvaa miltei päivittäin uusilla tuotteilla, joten muista palata tänne säännöllisesti! Monet tuotteet ovat täysin uniikkeja, eli niitä löytyy ainoastaan YKSI kappale koko maailmassa!

On hyvä idea myös tilata tiedotteemme niin saat uutiset sekä erikoistarjoukset suoraan sähköpostiisi.

Toivottavasti nähdään pian!

T: Kim - Euroopan maahantuoja PGB Artisan Cymbals, Koide Cymbals sekä Byrne Cymbals