Anatolian Cymbals has joined our fleet at Kim´s Music!

Anatolian Cymbals "The World´s Finest Cymbals" has joined the family at Kim´s Music!

KiMus is now the sole distributor for Anatolian Cymbals in Finland, Netherlands and Belgium.

Anatolian Cymbals was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1999 by Baris Tamdeger. The Tamdeger family is famous for making quality cymbals such as Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals. Today Anatolian Cymbals produce more than 30 series of hand-made quality cymbals. All of these are available in the Shop at very nice prices! High quality can sometimes come at a low price!

Hundreds of videos of the different series and models have been uploaded. Be sure to check them out to see what series, model and size suits You the best!

Be sure to grab the Great Savings Deal and get a pre-configured set of cymbals to save money! These pre-configured sets cost a lot less than buying the same cymbals individually.

Pre-configurated sets are offered also by some of the other brands, like Tonum, Turco and soon also Masterwork. Keep a lookout for them and grab a set while the offer lasts!

14 Sep 2020