New well-known cymbal brand at Kim´s Music: Masterwork Cymbals!

A major and well-known cymbal brand has been added to our fleet: Masterwork Cymbals!

These hand made Turkish cymbals are well-known around the world for their superb quality, their many different series, and their unique sound. Everyone can find their own personal sound and look with Masterwork. For most drummers and percussionists, Masterwork Cymbals need no further presentation, but have a look anyway for the new sounds and appearence of the many series now available at Kim´s Music!

All the way from finger cymbals and bells, via gongs and FX cymbals to drumset and orchestra cymbals, Masterwork has the solution for You!

Furthermore, the prices at Kim´s Music will always be cheaper than for example at Thomann, so shop with confidence!

20 Apr 2020