Koide Cymbals in Modern Drummer Magazine podcast

The Modern Drummer Magazine podcast Episode 1 (2nd of October 2020) features Koide Cymbals!

In the Shop Talk section of the show, MD´s managing editor Mike Dawson interviews Burke Daugherty, the official US distributor of Japanese boutique cymbals company Koide to get some insight into what makes the company´s offerings special and unique. The episode concludes with a few audio samples of Koide’s 10J and 703 series bronze cymbals. These same models are available in the Shop at Kim´s Music. 

Also check out Modern Drummer´s recent review (August 2020) of Koide Cymbals 10J and 703 series! Read it here!

The very first set of Tonum Cymbals to go to Sweden have reached a happy customer! Congratulations to Pär-Mats for being the very first player of Tonum Cymbals in Sweden! Stay tuned for his review of the Tonum Vintage Full Set (14" Hi-hat, 16" Crash, 18" Crash, 20" Ride) he received last week.

The great price offer continues on Tonum Cymbals. Now you can buy Tonum Cymbals from Kim´s Music cheaper than if you would order them straight from the factory in Turkey!

Grab yours while the offer lasts! There is a great demand for these cymbals so the prices might go up soon!

More Anatolian Cymbals videos have been uploaded to kimus.n.nu. Now there are several hundreds of videos of the many different series and models of Anatolian Cymbals.

4 Oct 2020