New videos posted

Great things are afoot at Kim´s Music!

A lot of new videos and sound clips of the cymbals have been added to Now You can see and hear how Your cymbal looks and sounds so You know what You get!

A set of Turco Neuwied cymbals arrived in the shop yesterday. Get them now for a special introductory price!

Tonum Cymbals now offers to design and build Your own cymbal. Together with the master cymbal smiths at Tonum You can design and build the cymbal of Your dreams and create Your own personal Signature Series!

You can also get Your own logo or signature on an already existing Tonum cymbal, thus custom making Your cymbals. Printing or laser engraving available for only 20€ per set.

And last but not least: Another large cymbal brand is on its way to be added to the KiMus fleet. Stay tuned for more news soon!

Stay safe out thee and keep drumming!

Kim at Kim´s Music

11 May 2020