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Koide Cymbals - Japan

Masterwork Cymbals - Turkey

Pergamon Cymbals - Turkey

Soultone Cymbals, Turkey

Nugis CymbalsSiberia, Russia


Anatolian Cymbals - Turkey

Silken Cymbals - Wuhan, China

Legado Cymbals - USA/Turkey

PGB Artisan Cymbals - Canada

Turco Cymbals - Turkey

Byrne Cymbals - USA

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All business with Turkish / Ukrainan based Tonum Cymbals has been TERMINATED by us INSTANTLY and PERPETUALLY!!
Tonum Cymbals
is a scam and we, along with many others, have reported owner Anton Minchuk to the Police both locally and to the Ukrainan Police, who is taking this very seriousy as so many reports have come in against Anton Mnchuk and Tonum. We, along with many others, have started a legal process against Anton Minchuk who is now a wanted man by Interpol.
A BIG WARNING is hereby also issued to all possibly interested in this scam of a "brand". Tonum Cymbals looks and appears to be a "real" company producing and selling cymbals. The fact is that they only screw up people! They simply take the money and run!

Tonum´s owner Anton Minchuk does a lot of nice promises, but never intend to deliver anything. That is his business idea. If you check the Tonum website you will find no contact information, which should ring a warning bell already: No address, no email, no telephone number...
The same with his instagram and Facebook that unfortunately are still active trying to steal money from people.

Kim´s Music has on several occasions ordered fom Tonum, but nothing ever comes. The case is the same with many other customers. Tonum also manufactures cymbals for other companies, but the strategy seems to be the same there. Anton Minchuk quickly takes the money but never delivers. He apparently lives off of taking people´s money and run!

Our latest orders paid in January and March 2021 never got delivered, and Tonum has stopped communicating!
Now (spring 2022) there is a new guy, "OLEG", at Tonum, claiming he will refund everyone, but so far no one has got anything back. Likely, this "Oleg" is Anton...


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