New series from Nugis Cymbals and Turco Cymbals

3 NEW SERIES from Nugis Cymbals are now out: Kup Dark, Mars and Orleans, alongside with the Traditional and Personal Series! Ivan Nugis in Siberia is not only custom building cymbals to Your specific needs, but now also produces several series for a broader market.
Contact me with Your specs and Ivan will get back to You with a quote on your custom cymbal!

Another new series from Turco Cymbals has also arrived in the shop: Eclipse Series.
Check them out and become among the very first in the world to own an Eclipse cymbal from Turco!

Modern Drummer Magazine has made a review of two of Koide Cymbals´ lines in the August issue. A review of two more Koide lines will soon follow. Click to read it now!

Some more of Koide´s 703´s and 10-J´s have just arrived in the Shop. Check them out and hurry up to get some of the very first specimens in Europe!

Tonum Cymbals just celebrated it´s 1-year Anniversary on 8th of July. To celebrate this all prices are lowered on Tonum Cymbals. You can now also custom build your own cymbals from Tonum as well as getting your very own logo on the cymbals!

Be safe and keep on drumming!

Kim from
Kim´s Music

27 Jul 2020