New cymbal brand again at Kim´s Music!

A new cymbal brand again at Kim´s Music!

What unites Steven Adler (Guns´N Roses), Veronica Bellino (Life of Agony, DMC), Ron Allen (Somo, Eve), Nick Smith (Snoop Dogg) and Nick Menza (Megadeth) with Jerohn Garnett (Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Gerald Albright), Chris Moore (Ultraphonix), Alex Hertler (Adam and the Metal Hawk) and thousands of other world famous drummers?

Yes, they are all great drummers that play the world´s largest stages with some of the most famous musicians in the world.

Yes, they are all very influential and have made a huge impact on the music industry and the way we all play the drums.

Yes, you guessed it:
They all play the same brand of cymbals: Soultone Cymbals!

Soultone Cymbals have joined our fleet at Kim´s Music!

With their many cymbal lines and large range of sounds and sizes, Soultone Cymbals have become a new favourite among the best drummers in the world.
We at Kim´s Music are very happy to announce that these great cymbals are now available from our webshop!

As usual, we sell them for less than others, so you need to look no further to find the sound and appearance that appeals to so many great artists.

Now, YOU can become one of them!

Check them out here:

Price correction because of fluctuating USD/EUR rates

As the relation between the US Dollar and the Euro constantly changes, the prices are affected, so every now and then we have to correct the prices on our website. For the whole year the Euro has weakened against the dollar, therefore we should have to correct our prices upwards.

But we have not done so, though our competition surely has, which means our prices are now even lower in comparision to others!

Soon we are going to have to do this also, so take the chance NOW to get your favourite cymbals while the prices are still VERY VERY LOW!

After the correction, they will unfortunately have risen somewhat, but will still be VERY LOW.

So be quick and grab that cymbal for yourself or that special drummer friend for today´s incredible price!

Stay safe and keep drumming!

CEO Kim´s Music

5 Mar 2021