Pergamon Cymbals now available and 25% off of Anatolian Cymbals


2020 was a disaster for all musicians, artists, performers and many others. Most gigs came to a complete stop, and many are out of work. Let´s hope that 2021 brings on a solution to the effects of the pandemia and will be a better year in all aspects!

This, however, also means that people have more time to do other things: compose, write, record, arrange and rehearse music, for example.

Since travelling is restricted, many people instead have money to spend on other things. Sales in housing, cars, free time housing, boats, campers etc have risen sky-high since spring 2020.

This is also somewhat true in the music business, as musicians and players take the opportunity to upgrade their gear or buy new instruments. Many music stores, traditional and on-line, have had Christmas sales and End of the Year sales.

January is usually a quiet month in sales, but not at Kim´s Music! Instead, we are launching new brands and some of the sales still continue for a short while.

-- Pergamon Cymbals are now available from Kim´s Music --

Pergamon Cymbals was founded by third generation cymbal masters, Saadettin KOÇ and Hakan FİDAN. They have more than 50 years of experince combined making cymbals and they have made many award winning cymbals as they know exactly what musicians want. Cymbal making is not a job for these masters, but a passion.

"Pergamon Cymbals wants to create different sounds and different styles. The slogan is: ”All drummers and percussionists can find their own sound on Pergamon Cymbals."

We believe that the job of making cymbals is not done until a drummer plays it with passion. Pergamon Cymbals are forged by passion and each Pergamon will be played with passion."

Pergamon Cymbals make 45 different series, including gongs and effect cymbals. Many are stunning looking alongside of just sounding great! If you are looking for that special personal sound or look of your cymbals - Pergamon will have it!

Special introductury prices on all Pergamon Cymbals right now! Take the chance to become one of the very first to own a Pergamon Cymbal before everyone else will, and get yours for less money!

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-- Gift cards now available --

Ever wondering what to get for your drummer´s birthday? Now we have the perfect gift for that special drummer friend! Gift cards to the web shop are now available, at any amount you want. Free shipping of course since they are digital. One can use a portion of it, or the whole sum, when purchasing something, and it is valid for all goods in the web shop. Complete instructions follow when purchasing a gift card.

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Be safe and keep on drumming!


8 Jan 2021