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Terms and Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy

This is the page with the boring, legal stuff that all web pages must have.

By ordering or buying from Kim´s Music www.kimus.n.nu You agree to these terms and conditions. Make sure that You have read and understood this agreement. These terms are updated every now and then and may be changed from time to time. Changes will be in effect immediatey, so make sure that You have read the latest version = Feb 28th 2021.

Shopping with Confidence
Kim´s Music
and www.kimus.n.nu are run by people that have been buying and selling on the internet since 2003. It is in our pride to try and make the shopping experience with us as pleasant as possible for all involved parts. Many thousands of our happy customers have testified this to be true. Despite of this, sometimes things can happen that we are not able to control, and the outcome might be different than was intended. If this should happen, we will try our very best to correct the situation. Please don´t hesitate to contact us here if You have any quesions considering your order.

Prices and Payments
All prices on the website are in Euros and all invoices will be in Euros. Please check what the current rate of exchange is against Your local currency. We try to have the very lowest prices on the internet, so that customers do not have to look any further than www.kimus.n.nu to find what they are looking for. However, due to fluctuating exchange rates, the product prices may vary a little from time to time, but they will always be among the very lowest You can find.
There are several ways to pay for Your purchase. Customers can choose to pay using credit card, bank transfer, Paypal and several other options. Also cash can be used if product is picked up locally. Choose the payment option that is the most convenient for You.

Down Payment / Part Payment = Splitting up the payment in parts will soon be possible as an automatic option. For now, if You wish to split the payment, choose the Phone Order / Part Payment option and complete checkout, and we will contact You to with options. Part Payments can be split in for example 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 or 12 payments. Since we have to pay a fee for receiving each payment, this option gets more expensive for us. We will therefore have to charge a small fee or interest when splitting payments. Please note that the higher the number of payments, the higher the fee will be. But rest assure that there are enough options so that You can choose the one most convenient for You. 

Shipping and Delivery Times
We ship worldwide to all countries and territories. Shipping costs are calculated automatically at checkout based on the actual weight of the item(s) and your shipping address. We charge only actual postage fees charged to us by the carrier, not a cent more. Please note that if you buy several items at the same time, the system might fail to calculate the correct cost since all items´weights are added together. Therefore the actual shipping cost might appear higher than it actually is. If the shipping cost seems very high, this is probably the case. Then please contact us and we will get back to You with the actual cost, which is likely lower. We will also always charge ONLY what it actually costs to ship Your item(s). If it would occur that we have over-charged the shipping costs, we will pay back the over-charged cost to You.
All goods are owned by Kim´s Music until paid in full by the buyer. No goods will be shipped until they are paid in full.

Be sure to give the correct shipping address or delivery might be delayed or even returned by the freight company. Please be aware that the customs at the country of destination may charge custom clearence fees, taxes or any additional expenses that might be charged due to the local customs or delivery process before the parcel is released. Please check with your local customs´ about your local import tax policy so that no surprises occur. All possible extra fees of this kind are the buyer´s responsibility and no returns by this cause will be accepted.

Delivery times might differ to and from different countries. Please be patient, especially during the COVID-19 pandemia, which has proved to cause delays. Please notice that we do not have all sizes and models of every series of every brand in stock. That would mean several thousands of different cymbals in our warehouse. Products in stock will ship immedately after being paid. Products that are not in stock will be shipped directly from the producer, thus making prices much lower, but sometimes making delivery times somewhat longer due to high demand or other reasons. Our idea is to have the best prices! This sometimes means a longer wait to get you the products to the best prices on the internet!

Returns and Refunds
Internet Sales are considered Distance Sales and are regulated by law to protect both buyer and seller, and follow certain conditions. The laws might differ somewhat in different countries or areas, but are often to the most essential parts similar. The laws followed in this agreement are the laws of the European Union, the laws of Finland and the laws of the Åland Islands. Any disagreement may be solved by Ålands Tingsrätt (the District Court of the Åland Islands, Finland).

By ordering or purchasing an item or service, an agreement is entered into by both parts, and the agreement can not be cancelled or changed one-sidedly. This means that both parts are obliged by law to fulfill their duties as agreed. Therefore a purchase usually can not be cancelled, even if the buyer or seller regrets his decision after a purchase has been made. The buyer must pay the grand total, and the seller must deliver the ordered goods at the price and on the terms agreed upon at the time of purchase.

The customer has the right to withdraw a purchase within 14 days of delivery on certain terms:
The buyer must notify the seller within 14 days from delivery of the goods for this to be valid. The delivery date is determined as the date the item(s) have reached the customer/buyer.

If the delivered item has an obvious fault or is clearly different from the item´s description at the time of purchase, the purchase can be withdrawn and the item can be returned.
There are several options as regulated by law:
a) The item is returned and the purchase price is refunded in full, including shipping fees both ways. The seller always has to be notified that an item is being returned before the buyer can send it back. The seller is not obliged to release or pay for any parcels sent to him that are not agreed upon beforehand. The means of shipping is determined by the seller and paid at seller´s expence. It is the buyer´s resposibility to pack the items accordingly so that there is no risk of anything being damaged or broken in transit. The buyer must present proof of shipping as well as receipt of actual shipping costs to the seller. The goods must be completely unused and in 100% selling condition with no traces of wear or use. The refund will usually be paid using the same means of payment as the original purchase;
b) The item is kept by the buyer and compensation is given by refunding a part of the paid sum, if the item despite of its faults is still usable for its purpose., for example wrong model, size, color etc;
c) The item is kept by the buyer and compensation is given in form of a store credit;
d) The item is kept by the buyer and compensation is given in form of a discount on the next purchase;
e) The item is kept by the buyer and compensation is given in form of a discount on another or similar product;
f) The item is returned to the seller and compensation is given by either refunding the paid amount in full, refunding a part of the paid sum, as a store credit, as a given discount on another or similar item;
g) Another form of agreement between the parts.

If the buyer wants to withdraw the purchase for any other reason not mentioned above, the seller has to be notified within the above described 14 days. The seller may, but is not obliged to, agree to withdraw the purchase, if this has not been agreed upon before the purchase was made. The seller can still agree to withdraw the purchase, and the item(s) are then returned to the seller. The means of shipping is determined by the seller and paid for by the buyer. It is the buyer´s resposibility to pack the item(s) accordingly so that there is no risk of anything being damaged or broken while in transit. The buyer must present proof of shipping to the seller. The goods must be completely unused and in 100% selling condition with no traces of wear or use. Upon arrival the item will be inspected by the seller and if he determines that the item shows traces of use or has other faults that reduces the re-sell price, 50% of the refund will be deducted. The seller will refund the paid sum for the item in question excluding shipping costs and possible other costs for receiving the item(s), and also decuct 12% as indemnity. The refund will usually be paid using the same means of payment as the original purchase.

All new items come with a warranty. Please check how the warranty applies to the item You wish to buy. A statement of warranty for the different brands will be found on the main page of each brand. Pre-owned or second hand items do not come with a warranty, and no returns are accepted, except if there are obvious faults that are not mentioned in the description. Please examine the photos and read the item description thoroughly to avoid making bad choices.

Privacy Policy and GDPR
Kim´s Music want to be considered a safe and secure place to shop. Payments and personal data are 100% safe and secure with www.kimus.n.nu.
No-one likes spam. No-one likes to give away personal data and not knowing who gets access to the data or what happens to it. This is especially important when entering sensitive information like credit card information and other payment data. This is why we use only highly trusted third-part sources to handle this information. We never get access to this information, it is encrypted as is handled by the payment companies only. We use the Ecwid cashier system www.ecwid.com and multi-step verification systems provided by banks.

We do not collect data, and we will never send spam. Also, we will never give away any personal data to any third part. The only personal information we get is the data You choose to enter personally, such as the data needed for shipping product to You. Payment information cannot be accessed by us, since all payment information is encrypted and hidden for us.

We comply with the GDPR. The only information that is automatically gathered is which pages on our own website visitors visit, what country they are from, what platform (computer, phone or pad) and what browser is used (eg. Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and what referrer (eg. Instagram, Facebook etc). This is only for statistics and to learn how we can develop our website and business. We do not have access to IP-numbers or any other such information.

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Newsletter subscribers´ email addresses are visible to the website admin only. These will not be used for any other reason than sending the newsletter. The newsletter is being sent maximum a couple of times a month and the subscription can at any time be cancelled by clicking the Cancel link in every newsletter.

The staff at Kim´s Music highly value Your business and are very happy to have You as a customer. We strive to make Your shopping experience a pleasureble one so that You wish to return and also tell others about Kim´s Music and www.kimus.n.nu. Please give us Your feedback (click here), positive or negative, about Your shopping experience or about the website so that we can be even better next time!
We sincerely hope that You will find something interesting at www.kimus.n.nu and that we can help You find Your own unique sound to the right price!

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