Kim´s Music

Kim´s Music in Åland Islands, Finland, is the European Agent and only distributor for
Koide Cymbals, Legado Cymbals NEW!, PGB Artisan Cymbals, and Nugis Cymbals
and dealer for Masterwork Cymbals, Pergamon Cymbals NEW!, Soultone Cymbals NEW!, Silken Cymbals NEW!, Turco Cymbals, Byrne Cymbals and Anatolian Cymbals
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Our idea is to to help players spend less money creating their own unique sound and find more interesting choices than "the Big Four", and in the same time help smaller or lesser known cymbal brands reach out to a broader market.
This site is also a hub where many brands You would not normally find are conveniently gathered in the same place. Easy to compare sounds, qualities and prices.

There are many lesser known cymbal brands out there offering great cymbals both BETTER SOUNDING and for LESS MONEY than the ones spending millions on marketing.

Many players buy a brand because their idol uses or markets that brand or model. Others use their own ears and taste, want to be unique and create their own sound, and simultaneously save money.

This site is for that second group of players.

This home page is the only place where to buy several of these brands.
They can not be found anywhere else in Europe.
In the rare cases that these cymbals can be found elsewhere,
You will find them here for less money.
Feel free to compare with for example Thomann or Gear4Music.
ALL cymbals are brand new, except where mentioned (pre-owned/second hand/vintage)

Seize the opportunity to become one of the very first to own a unique cymbal
and to have a sound that no-one else has!

Would you be interested in selling any of these brands
in your country or in your own store?

Contact me by clicking here! 

The web site is most conveniently read on a computer, but will be adapted for mobiles soon.
It is still under construction, and especially the web shop is growing constantly with
more products, so be sure to check back regularly! Many of the products are completely unique, which means that there is ONLY ONE available in the whole world!
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