New cymbal brand at Kim´s Music!

SILKEN CYMBALS from Wuhan, China is now available from Kim´s Music!

China is often regarded as the first country where cymbals were manufactured, dating back thousands of years ago.
WUHAN, CHINA has established itself as a capital well known for producing high quality cymbals and gongs since the 1700’s. Boutique cymbals are most often associated with Turkish tradition, but there are a number of modern smiths creating professional quality bronze in China using techniques that date back hundreds of years. Most of these Chinese cymbal makers have expanded their methods of manufacture to offer instruments that work in the rock, pop and country realms, but they have done so without sacrificing some of the complex, breathy character that defined the Eastern sound for so many centuries. The result is a fascinating balance of ultra-modern and traditional tones.

One of those Chinese cymbal producers is Wuhan-based SILKEN Cymbals. Founded by master cymbalsmith, Ken Cheng, SILKEN specializes in B20 cymbals designed for modern applications. The cymbals are forged, lathed and hammered using centuries-old techniques, but have a very contemporary feel, comparable to offerings from major manufacturers.

SILKEN cymbals was founded in 2005. As musical styles and tastes are continually evolving, so is the art of cymbal making. Their innovations has resulted in an unprecedented level of choice from the most diverse offering of cymbal designs ever available and are described as “dark” or “bright,” “crisp” or “mellow,” “sweet” or “fierce”… “fast”… “clean”… “pure”… “rough”…. the list goes on.
SILKEN cymbals have been proved as finest genuine CHINA handcrafted cymbals.

Also, the prices are VERY competitive!

SILKEN Cymbals also offer "Quiet Cymbals", ideal for lower volume settings or for practice at home in your apartment. "Quiet cymbals" produce some 80% less volume than regular cymbals.

This series are extremely affordable: A set of 14" H-hats, 16" Crash, 18" Crash and 20" Ride is only 54€!

Check them out:

Tonum Cymbals´new line: Tranquil = Quiet Cymbals

Quiet cymbals are very much in demand today as many drummers need to practice at home, or want cymbals with less volume for smaller settings. You can still play "loud" or strike hard, but the volume is much less, which makes it very comfortable to play or practice in small spaces or with an acoustic band. Haven´t we all heard that we play too loud?

Here is the solution! Tonum Cymbals´s Tranquil series.

While some of "The Big Four" also offer "Quiet Cymbals" that cost almost as regular ones, these come for much less - just as it should be! The Tranquil series can be bought separately, or as different sets, which gets cheaper per cymbal.!/Tonum-Quiet-Cymbals-See-alternatives/p/249603403/category=47484768

More new cymbal brands are on their way

Discussions are being held with a couple of new brands not yet available in Europe. Stay tuned for updates!

Be safe and keep drumming!

29 Oct 2020