SALE! Lower prices and new models!

LOWERED PRICES on all Tonum Cymbals are now in effect!
At least 20% lower prices or more at the moment – how long will it last?

When buying a pre-configured set the savings are even greater, and you get a high quality cymbal bag for only 30€ when you buy a set!
Several new set configurations have been added.

A batch of new Koide Cymbals from Japan have arrived, among them some unique specimens from the great 100% hand-made 703 series, until now not available outside of Japan (except since a short while in the USA). Since the 703 is completely hand made, each one is different from the next, and no two are alike.
Because 703’s are so process-driven, these cymbals will always be listed with a sound-file of the exact cymbal being sold.
When you purchase these cymbals, you’ll buy the exact 703 cymbal specimen being advertised.
Sound/video clips will be added shortly.

Also some stunning Koide 10-J cymbals have been added.
Especially the rides are fabulous!

Two more cymbal brands will be joining our fleet at Kim´s Music in the near future!
One classic brand and one totally new custom brand making K Constantinople clones!

Be safe and keep on drumming!

Kim from Kim´s Music



30 Jun 2020