New cymbal brand joining our fleet at Kim´s Music!

Another large international cymbal brand from Turkey manufacturing hand-made cymbals from B20 bronze will be joining Kim´s Music at

Stay tuned and check out the many series and very affordable prices! Several hundred videos of most every model and size will soon be available in the shop and on the Cymbals page.

Discussions are being held also with some other brands, possibly also joining us.

Tonum Cymbals 1st Year Anniversary Sale is still going on, and the lowered prices are still available. This new cymbal brand has grown very rapidly during its first year and we are very proud to be among the very few chosen dealers for their great products! Act now to become one of the very first to own a set of these great cymbals before everyone else wants them, ad the prices go up.

Modern Drummer Magazine made a review in the August issue of two of Japanese Koide Cymbals lines: 10-J and 703. Read it here!

27 Aug 2020