Masterwork Valena

The Valena series is a more contemporary looking and sounding line. Brilliantly finished with raw, unlathed bells. The bottoms are highly polished and traditionally lathed from edge to bell. The tops are lathed with a few different patterns to create a unique look comprising an inner circle of short, wide knife marks followed by a highly polished band, followed by a thin unlathed band and an outer band with a highly polished finish.

Hi-hats: Small, pronounced bells, gradual but fairly steep bow. Crisp and articulate closed sound, a clean and somewhat pitchy open tone, and a sizzly, bright, and slightly complex half-open wash. The foot chick is fast and clean. A great match for fusion, contemporary R&B, and electronica.

Crash: Fast and sensitive. Bright, flashy, fast tone. Opens up easily and immediately with a full, spraying voice at any volume. A hint of trashiness, which helps tame down a bit of its glassiness. Decays slowly but evenly.

Ride: Smooth, clean sustain that builds up nicely. The Bell prodiuces a clear, strong sound that sits nicely over the sustain. Suits well also for big, washy crashes and for an alternative bell sound.

Sound clips:
Masterwork Valena Crash 14"
Masterwork Valena Crash 15"
Masterwork Valena Crash 16"
Masterwork Valena Crash 17"
Masterwork Valena Crash 19"
Masterwork Valena Crash 20"
Masterwork Valena Hi-hats 14"
Masterwork Valena Ride 21"
Masterwork Valena Ride 22"
Masterwork different Hi-hats comparison VIDEO
Masterwork Valena VIDEOS
Masterwork Valena Hi-hat 14" Medium
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