Masterwork Troy

The Troy cymbal series from Masterwork offers the perfect introduction to the big world of hand-hammered cymbals at a small price. The professional B25 alloy produces a clear, warm sound that adapts perfectly to all musical styles.

Hand-hammered in Turkey and with a noble high-gloss finish, they form a solid base for advanced drummers who have a smaller budget but don't want to do without professional sound. The sound of the Masterworks Troy cymbals is musical and very balanced.

Professional manufacturing creates a balanced sound

The reasonably priced, but nevertheless high-quality Troy series from Masterwork is manufactured exclusively from B25 bell bronze and by hand. The entire production process, i.e. casting, hammering and turning, is subject to strict quality controls and regular sound tests.

The Troy cymbals sound warm and round, fit perfectly into any style of music, but at the same time don't lack the necessary assertiveness. All Troy Cymbals from Masterwork are perfect for drummers who are just starting to learn drums but don't want to do without hand-hammered cymbals with professional characteristics right from the start.
Sound clips
Troy Crash 14"
Troy Crash 16"
Troy Crash 16" Rock
Troy Crash 18"
Troy Crash 18" Rock
Troy Hi-hat 14"

Troy Hi-hat 14" Rock
Troy Ride 20"
Troy Ride 20" Rock
Troy Splash 8"
Troy Splash 10"
Troy China 18" Rock

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