Masterwork Sehhar

The Sehhar series from Masterwork is like a crossing between the Custom and Natural Series. The middle and underside are lathed in the traditional way, whilst the edge and the bell are merely hammered. Crystal-clear stick definition and complex, warm undertones, a crisp attack and a gong-like decay are the main characteristics of the Masterwork Sehhar Series.

Sound clips:
Sehhar Crash 14"
Sehhar Crash 15"
Sehhar Crash 16"
Sehhar Crash 17"
Sehhar Crash 18"
Sehhar Crash 19
Sehhar Crash 20"

Sehhar Hi-hats 13"
Sehhar Hi-hats 14"
Sehhar Hi-hats 15"
Sehhar Ride 20"
Sehhar Ride 21"
Sehhar Ride 22"
Sehhar Splash 6"
Sehhar Splash 7"

Sehhar Splash 8"
Sehhar Splash 9"
Sehhar Splash 10"
Sehhar Splash 11"
Sehhar Splash 12"
Sehhar China 16"
Sehhar China 18"
Sehhar China 20"
Masterwork different Hi-hats comparison VIDEO
Masterwork Sehhar VIDEOS
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