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Product ImageThe ABSOLUTE series originates with the patented B21ZFe alloy. This cymbal line has a warm overall sound that accentuates the fundamental note or pitch of the cymbal. With a slightly drier, medium-short sustain and an upper mid frequency boost, this cymbal series has the ability to create the sound of a louder cymbal but with reduced db levels.

The ABSOLUTE cymbals are ideal for situations that perhaps require more controlled volume levels. These are not "quiet" cymbals by any means and are capable of plenty of cut, but they do deliver a more mellow vibe that doesn't mask other instruments in the upper frequency range.

The ABSOLUTE cymbals articulate so they sound louder relative to the actual db level of a comparable traditional B20 cymbal under normal playing conditions. The larger crash cymbals are also great small rides for acoustic situations. The slight dryness aids in articulation. 

Weights in grams (approximate)

8” A nice cymbal that really rocks! 160 g SOUND CLIP
8" Low Bell 159 g SOUND CLIP
10" 270 g SOUND CLIP   VIDEO
10" Hand Splash. A splash for hand percussionists that desire a full sounding splash without the use of a drumstick.

16" Medium Thin 977 g SOUND CLIP
16” Medium 1050 g  SOUND CLIP  
17" Medium Thin 1145 g SOUND CLIP
17" Medium 1218 g SOUND CLIP
18" Medium Thin 1284 g SOUND CLIP
18" Medium 1400 g SOUND CLIP
18" Heavy 1713 g SOUND CLIP
Medium Thin
19" Medium 1656 g SOUND CLIP

14" Thin top/Thin bottom.
Crisp but semi dry. 823 g/940 g
14” Thin top/Medium bottom. Warm chick, mellow sounding hats. 823 g/1215 gSOUND CLIP
14” Thin top/Heavy bottom 940 g/1514 gSOUND CLIP
14" Medium top/Thin bottom 1215 g/940 g
14" Medium top/Medium bottom 1215 g/1215 g 
14" Medium top/Heavy bottom 1215 g/1514 g SOUND CLIP
14" Heavy top/Thin bottom 1514 g/940 g
14" Heavy top/Medium bottom 1514 g/1215 g
14" Heavy top/Heavy bottom 1514 g/1514 g
15" Thin top/Medium bottom. All purpose hats softer sounding and smooth 850 g/1150 g SOUND CLIP
15" Thin top/Heavy bottom 850 g/1450 g SOUND CLIP
15" Medium top/Heavy bottom. Nice Hats for lower volume for those that like the feel and sound of thicker hats. 1150 g/1450 g SOUND CLIP

20" Medium Thin SOUND CLIP
20" Medium.
 Semi dry, warm wash and good bell. 2400 g SOUND CLIP
20" Medium Heavy SOUND CLIP
22" Medium Thin 2300 g
22" Medium. Semi dry, strong bell, good stick and ping. 2923 g SOUND CLIP
22" Medium Heavy. Soft ping ride with strong bell, medium sustain. 3150 g SOUND CLIP

18" 1250 g SOUND CLIP 

Drum solo with Absolute series SOUND CLIP Splash 10”/Hi-Hats 14” Top Medium+Bottom Heavy / Crash 17” Medium / 18” Medium Thin / 19” Medium Thin / Ride 20” Medium Thin